Tasurt Chausies Kittens



Kittens in the Spring


Facebook has turned out to be a pretty active media for both Chausie breeders, owners and people interested in learning more about the Chausie.

We post photos of cats, kittens, cat shows etc. on our Tasurt Chausie page. If you are not on Facebook email us for photos and info. on available cats and kittens. We occasionally have a retired breeder looking for that "forever home".

For general information and photos of Chausies - go to Chausie Breed Info group page. It is an open group and a good place to look at photos of cats/kittens, meet various breeders, pet owners and ask questions.

This last year a new facebook group was formed - Chausie Cats & Kittens for Sale. Breeders are listing Chausie kittens available around the world.

We are also active in rescue and rehoming of Chausies in need. You can visit the website - Chausie Rescue - or visit on Facebook for available cats.