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Breed Profile

In Egypt, more than three thousand years ago, Egyptians treasured the Jungle Cat. They admired them enough to paint them into murals, honor them with funeral rights, and mummify them to send with their pharaohs into the afterlife. These cats were more than just hunters, they were loved companions.

By the late 1990's a group of people began breeding Jungle Cat hybrids. These breeders made a concentrated effort to aquire physical and personality traits that set this breed apart from others. One of the first things done was to select a name that described the breed. The name "Chausie" (pronounced "chow-see") was derived from the Latin name for the Jungle Cat, Felis Chaus.

Our Background

We were first introduced to and obtained our first Chausie in 1997. We breed exclusively Chausies, having dedicated the last 19 years working to help develop this wonderful breed of cat.

We are located in the mountains of Arizona. Our cattery is small and our kittens are raised lovingly indoors with us. Our kittens are all microchipped and pet kittens are spayed or neutered prior to going to their new homes.

We occasinally have retired cats to place. If you have room in your home and heart for an older cat please ask if we have a retired show cat or breeder to place. These cats will also be spayed or neutered prior to placement.

We primarilty have 'SBT' cats and kittens in our breeding program (4th generation and beyond). We do not breed F1's or F2's in catterySBT status is a 4th generation or beyond cat with no other breed or outcross in the three generations behind it except Chausie. SBT status is a requirement in order for the Chausie to be able to compete on the show bench in Championship competition in TICA.

We will continue to breed to the standard for the show ring while perfecting the "type" on our cats to mimic the ancestor of our breed.

Our breeding cats are both brown ticked and black grizzled tabby. We are especially fond of the black grizzled coloration!